Evaporation and the Water Cycle.
Updated: 5/6/2019
Evaporation and the Water Cycle.

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  • So today you will be told about how the water cycle has been being used a lot more and how precipitation.
  • The way that the water cycle works is when the water evaporates from the sun and the day being to warm. Then it starts to come up then come back down
  • This is why when it snows, and all the snow melts and evaporates it usually rains in about less than a week.
  • Some evidence of the water cycle happening a lot more is global warming
  • The reason that global warming is when the earth gets to hot, then the water evaporates. Like evaporation.
  • The reason that this is happening is because of things like glaciers Melting from global warming and adding more things to evaporate and come back down from the sky. 
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