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Mikey Lott- The Adventures of Beowulf
Updated: 9/21/2018
Mikey Lott- The Adventures of Beowulf
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  • The Adventures of Beowulf
  • Welcome one and all! Tonight we celebrate the greatness of our people and commune with one another! Eat, drink, and be merry!
  • Here we find ourselves in the mead hall of the Danes, called Herot. The Danes are celebrating merrily... little do they know a monster lurks nearby....
  • The cacophony! I can't take the noise! I must kill the Danes to stop that harsh discordance.
  • We now meet our first villain, the treacherous Grendel. Wallowing in misery, he announces his plan to silence the noisy Danes
  • You've met your match Grendel! I've fought more monsters than you can count. You're just another simple conquest and soon to be a distant memory.
  • What strength! I've never encountered such a ferocious warrior; surely my end is near...
  • Grendel comes once again to feast on Danes, but this time Beowulf is there to protect the Danes.
  • Following his conquest over Grendel, Beowulf decides to pursue an even greater evil: Grendel's mother.
  • Prepare to meet your end, foul beast! They say you're impossible to defeat, but there has never been a stronger warrior than I.
  • Beowulf's final battle is against the ferocious dragon; the Geats prove which of themselves are loyal and which are not. Beowulf confirms his heroism in the defeat of the dragon and the delivery of riches and treasure.
  • You've been a loyal soldier; critical in the slaying on this dragon. My time has come, and all I ask is that you, Wiglaf, build a grand tower to honor my name.
  • Beowulf, oh great king, your time has come for rest. Your name shall live on forever.
  • Beowulf King of the Geats
  • Wiglaf and the loyal Geats build a large tower to honor their late king Beowulf, and proceed to lament his death and honor him.
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