The Kids on the block
Updated: 2/9/2021
The Kids on the block

Storyboard Text

  • I Hate those stupid teenagers
  • They told me to move in a mean way.
  • They always push us around 😭
  • Don't those kids over there know there are a bunch of predators around here
  • Hmmmm, we just have to find a better way to tell them
  • They're so stubborn! They think we are being mean
  • Lying is wrong you know.
  • WHAT??? No no no, we just wanted to warn you guys
  • We didn't mean to sound rude, there are just really bad people here
  • Yeah.
  • And they say KIDS are gullible 🙄
  • NOOOO!!!
  • I give up, experience is the best teacher.
  • Yeah just forget about it
  • Guess they were right
  • AHHHH!!!!
  • COME HERE!!!
  • AHHHH!!!!
  • Guess we should've listened guys.
  • No wonder they were so stern, we were almost kidnapped!
  • Yeah, especially the guy with glasses
  • We barely made it, we owe them an apology
  • We're Sorry
  • From that day forward, the kids listened to the teenagers and each of the groups problems were solved. The end.
  • yeah we should've listened
  • Its no problem, just glad you're alright
  • So experience IS the best teacher.
  • Yeah