Pompier bd

Updated: 1/23/2019
Pompier bd

Storyboard Text

  • Sam is a fireman. His job is to help people in danger.
  • I am a fireman and I love my job!
  • The firemen leave for their truck to save lives.
  • We are leaving to help people!
  • Sam and his team will save the boy's parents.
  • Where are your parents?
  • My... my parents are inside the building.
  • Sam saves lots of life. Everybody knows him.
  • Hi! I am fine. Thank you!
  • Hi Sam! How are you?
  • Sam is happy, he's cooking for his wife and him...
  • Mmh...! What can I cook?
  • ...Except that he forgot something in the microwave ...
  • Honey!!!
  • My fork... It is in the microwave!!!