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Updated: 11/9/2020
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  • The Wrath of Grendel
  • "Then a fierce evil demon suffered distress, long in torment, who dwelt in darkness. For day after day, he heard rejoicing loud in the hall: there was music of the harp...."
  • I've been blocked and shunned away from society and I want revenge, I want to kill everyone.
  • I am very upset about the loss of my people, we cant keep living in fear.
  • The Coming of Beowulf
  • -I heard you need help.-I am here to kill Grendel, I brought some of my men as well.
  • I remember you, I knew your father. Will you defeat Grendel?
  • The Battle With Grendel
  • death is upon me.
  • I will kill you with my bare hands you monster.
  • Grendel was created by, "a pair of those monsters born of Cain...creatures banishes by God". He wanted to reek havoc on Hrothgar's people. Hrothgar was very afraid of what conflicts were starting. Grendel went on his killing spree, he ruled for 12 winters.
  • Beowulf hears about Grendel's actions and decides to help out Hrothgar "That I, alone and with the help of my men, may purge all evil from this hall.". Hrothgar remembers him as a child and is instantly reminded of his father. He knew his father to be a brave and strong person and figured that Beowulf would be the same which is why he trusted him with fighting Grendel.
  • Choosing to fight Grendel in hand-to-hand combat, Beowulf wrestles the demon into submission and eventually tears off his arm at the shoulder. Mortally wounded, Grendel flees into the wilderness and dies. Beowulf was the only one who could fight Grendel all the other men's sword would not pierce his skin." had bewitched all man's weapons, laid spells that blunted every mortal man's blade." Beowulf defeated Grendel "No Dane doubted the victory, for the proof, hanging high from the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monster's Arm, claw and shoulder and all".
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