Greek Mythology 1-6
Updated: 3/9/2020
Greek Mythology 1-6
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  • Paragraph 1
  • Aye man, whats that sound?
  • Well it sounds like a bunch of sheep or something.
  • Paragraph 2
  • Is anybody home???
  • Paragraph 3
  • We must eat!
  • We should take the sheep...
  • Twelve men and their leader, Odysseus, sailed the ocean and came across an island. They got off their ship and went to explore further. These men found a cave and entered
  • Paragraph 4
  • We shall light a fire and wait for the owners return.
  • Its kinda cold man.
  • Odysseus checked the cave with his men. Nobody was home. They ventured deeper into the cave.
  • Paragraph 5
  • HIDE!!
  • Im homeeeee!
  • Further into the cave, the men found buckets of milk, cheese, and a few sheep casually bleeding. Odysseus' men were hungry and started eating the cheese and drinking the milk they had found.
  • Paragraph 6
  • We are Greeks, and come from Troy. It was our intention to go home, but our ship wrecked!
  • Who are you?!
  • The cave was starting to get cold as the sun set, the men lit a fire to keep warm while they waited around for the cave owner to come back.
  • The men heard someone enter the cave and hid. A cyclops entered the cave with wood on his back and pushed a giant boulder over the entrance.
  • The cyclops saw the men and started asking them questions in a deep and frightful voice. "Who are you?!" asked the cyclops. "We are Greeks, and come from Troy. It was our intention to return home, but contrary winds have driven us on this shore.
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