Updated: 2/6/2020
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  • April 1917: Lenin returns
  • Power to the soviets, peasants. An end to the war and the over throw of the provisional government.
  • July Days
  • Finland is nice
  • Kornilov Affair August 1917
  • After returning from Switzerland with the help of Germany. He issued his "April Thesis"
  • Rise in Bolshevik support Sept 1917
  • Pravda
  • Pravda Boshevik newspaper
  • widespread mutinies in the army and strikes in cities, with the support of the Bolsheviks; but no attempt to seize power. Bolshevik newspaper is shut down and many Bolsheviks are arrested. Lenin flees to Finland
  • Oct -preparation
  • Militarty Revoluntionary Committe (MRC)
  • Kornilov brings troops to Petrograd due to growing unrest, frees 500 Bolsheviks and arms them also arms the factory workers = propaganda victory for Bolsheviks
  • Oct 24th-26th Bolshevik take power
  • Bolshevik membership rises to 200,00 with 41 different newspapers across Russia , by the end of the month they had the majority of seats on the Petrograd soviet
  • set up to protect against possible German attack chaired by TrotskyBolshevik membership 48 out of 66 - used a cover for planning a seize of power - station red guards in vantage points e.g. bridges and railway stations
  • PG attempts to shut down 2 Bolshevik newspapers in Petrograd - Lenin feared the PG so sent message to seize power= winter palace seize and Kerensky flees dressed as a nurse
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