Claudia meets Jeanette
Updated: 6/10/2020
Claudia meets Jeanette
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  • Hello
  • What do you want!?
  • Sorry I just wanted to say your pretty and I like your hair.
  • You think im pretty even though Im black and I don't look like you?
  • I wish everybody thought go me that way because the kids at my school seem to value white beauty as the bar for societal beauty standards.
  • Yes It doesn't matter if your black because my parents told me that even though your a different color than me , your're still a human like me.
  • Jeanette and Claudia meet for the first time and Claudia is standoffish towards Jeanette.
  • I had to deal with societal standards too because my family is poor and my mom doesn't want "peoples handouts".
  • Its nice to know that its not only my race who has to deal with matching societal standards.
  • Jeanette shows that she is not racist and she compliments Claudia on her appearance.
  • I lost one of my friends to societal beauty standards because it was eating at her and she wanted to have blue eyes.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.
  • They discuss beauty standards and how impactful it could be on people of skin color that had to deal with this in the "Bluest Eye"
  • Well societal standards shouldnt be that bad anymore if people like you acknowledge the beauty that we have to.
  • i hope that there can be change so all of us can live without worrying about being judged.
  • Jeanette explains how she has to deal with societal standards because of her mother wanted to be self sufficient. While Jeanette and Claudia discuss this they realize they have things in common.
  • Claudia tells Jeanette about Pecola and how the societal standards ate at her and made her wish for blue eyes so that she could be considered pretty.
  • They hope and wish that societal beauty standards can apply to all people of races instead of just white people like how it did in the Bluest Eye.
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