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Updated: 3/29/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The suitors are arguing with Odysseus and Odysseus yells at them for not being loyal to him.
  • You dogs! You never imagined i’d return from Troy so cocksure that you bled my house to death, ravished my serving women, wooed my wife behind back while I was still alive! page 440
  • Odysseus is telling all the suitors not even the gods can save them for what they did and that Odysseus is going to fight them.
  • No fear of the gods whole rule the skies up there, no fear that mens revenge might arrive someday, now all your necks are in the noose, your doom is sealed. page 440
  • Odysseus has just killed the suitors leader and the suitors get very mad. This is the start of a huge fight between Odysseus and the suitors.
  • Im going to kill you for that!!!
  •  The bread and meats soaked in a swirl of bloody filth. The suitors burst into uproar all throughout the house when they saw their leader down (pg. 440)
  • Aghhh!!
  • Odysseus just killed the suitor's leader and is now declaring war on the suitors for mistreating everyone while Odysseus was gone.
  • Now life or death-your choice-fight me or flee if you hope to escape your sudden bloody doom! I doubt one man in the lot will save his skin!” (pg. 441)
  • Odysseus is killing all of the suitors that worked for him. Odysseus is getting justice for the suitors not being loyal to him and flirting with his wife while Odysseus was gone.
  • The cup dropped from his grasp as the shaft sank home, and the man’s life-blood came spurting from his nostrils- thick red jets- a sudden trust of his throat. page 443
  • NO clean death for the likes of them, by god! Not from me they showered abuse on my head, my mothers too! page 448
  • Odysseus has just killed of all of his suitors and doesn't want the maids to clean up the blood and the bodies because Odysseus believes the suitors don't deserve to be remembered and have a ceremony for their lives.
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