PDHPE - positive and negative relationships story board
Updated: 3/22/2020
PDHPE - positive and negative relationships story board

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  • welcome to counselling everyone. Today we will be talking about positive and negative relationships
  • Unhealthy or negative relationships can leave us feeling uncomfortable, sad and afraid. We don't always recognise an unhealthy relationship.
  • An example of a well known unhealthy relationship is Harley Quinn and the Joker. This relationship is toxic as the joker not only physically hurts Harley and leaves her to fight her own battles (providing no support) but they also bring out the worst in each other and encourage the other to do stupid and reckless things.
  • I was in an unhealthy relationship 2 months ago. My partner lied to me multiple times and manipulated me. He told me he was a businessman when he was actually a con artist. He nearly took everything I had but I luckily found out he was wanted in several other countries before he could take anything. After that I found I haven’t been able to trust anyone and am consistently doubting my judgement on certain things. I found myself sad all the time and didn't want to leave the house. That's why I signed up for group counselling.
  • The relationship between Rory and Lorelai is a great example of a healthy relationship. Throughout the show, they consistently encourage each other’s and always have the others back.No matter what happens their mother – daughter relationship remains strong.
  • We are all very sorry Sally. To ensure that we all find our self in positive relationships let's look at an example from the TV show Gilmore girls.
  • That reminds me of my current relationship. I met Rosie at work. She not only makes me feel accepted and happy, but she also allows me to hang out with my friends and family. She allows me to be independent but is also there whenever I need help. I feel much more supported in my relationship and am happy that I can still maintain other relationships.
  • That’s great to hear James. I hope you all understand that no matter what you deserve to happy and treated with kindness and respect. Hope you all have a great. I’ll see you next week.