1066 part 1
Updated: 8/4/2020
1066 part 1

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  • Noooo! My darling husband!
  • Who will be king now?
  • William the Conqueror
  • Harold Godwinson
  • Harald Hadrada
  • Edgar Atheling
  • Harold Godwinson 
  • When Edward the confesser (King of England and the last anglo saxon king) died in 1066 without a heir, four people held a legitimate bid for the crown.
  • WHAT!!!
  • William the conqueror, Harald Hadrada, Harold Godwinson, And Edgar Atheling. William the conqueror was a distant cousin of Edward, Harald Hadrada believed that he should be crowned king as he thought he would make a great king, Harold godwinson was Edward the confessers brother in law, and Edgar was a nephew to Edward the confesser but only 14.
  • Everyone to work!
  • Harold Godwinson claimed the crowned on the 5th of January within a day of the death of Edward the confessor. It was also confirmed that he was crowned king by the English witan. Harald Hardrada believed that he was the rightful heir to the English throne because he was a descendant of King Canute of England. He also claimed his family was promised it could rule England.
  • The boats look perfect.
  • William the Conquerer and Harald Hadrada were outraged!
  • They both decided to build large fleets and ships to invade England.
  • For many months they both worked towards defeating and taking down Harold Godwinson.
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