Health Project part 1
Updated: 3/10/2020
Health Project part 1
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  • hey bro i'm having some people over tonight...wanna come?
  • I dunno, man. Depends if I have homework. I'll let ya know later.
  • Don't worry you don't have to talk to him.
  • So can you come?
  • So did you decide if your coming?
  • Yeah but don't worry you don't have to talk to him.
  • I think so but will Alex be there?
  • I still don't know yet. Will Alex be there?
  • 3:00 school is almost over
  • I really don't think I should go. Alex does marijuana. Ugh but I don't want to miss going. Should I go, Should I not go, Or I could go and turn Alex in to the police.
  • If I go I could make new friends but I could also create an addiction. If I don't go I wont ruin my body but my friends will make fun of me for not going. I could also go than turn Alex into the police. If I do this I will prevent others from getting per pressured into marijuana but people won't like me because I snitched.
  • Marijuana can be used and abused in many different ways including smoking, pipes, water pipe (bong), and food.
  • Walking to school
  • When a person inhales marijuana it activates a part of the brain that activates the highest number of receptors causing the “high” feeling that people get.
  • 3:00
  • Marijuana use has been linked and linked to a range of mental health problems in teens, such as depression and anxiety and you will most likely decline in school performance.
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