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Updated: 1/11/2021
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  • Act I
  • Come, Casca, you and I will yet ere day see Brutus at his house. (I. iii. 160)
  • Act II
  • "Thrice hath Calpurnia in her sleep cried out". (II.ii.2)
  • Act III
  • "Et tu, Brute". (III.i.78)
  • After Caesar's win between him and Pompey, Casca tells Cassius that the Senate is planning to make Caesar king. This upsets Cassius because him and Brutus were just talking about Caesar would not be fit for a King. They decide to take matters into their own hands. Cinna and Cassius decide to write letters to Brutus convincing him to join Cassius' plot.
  • Act IV
  • "These many, then, shall die; their names are pricked". (IV.I.1)
  • Caesar's wife Calpurnia keeps having dreams of Caesar's death. This upsets Caesar so he calls for his servant. He tells him to make a sacrifice. If the sacrifice has no heart, Caesar should stay home. It has no heart
  • Act V
  • "Farewell good Strato- Caesar now be still". (V,v,51"
  • The conspirators go through with their plan of killing Caesar. Caesar was upset about this. He was most upset by Brutus being there. Brutus was his good friend.
  • Theme
  • "So call the field to rest, and let's away" (V.v.81)
  • After Caesar's death, his friends Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus plan to avenge his death. They are going to kill everyone that helped in Caesar's murder. Cassius and Brutus hear this and go into hiding. They decide to build their own army and fight back.
  • Both sides go to war. Many people die including Cassius. Finally Brutus knows he cannot win so he asks Strato to kill him. Strato obeys.
  • I think the theme of Julius Caesar is to not be ambitious and trust everyone you meet. Caesar trusted too much and that got him murdered. He thought too much of himself. If he would've noted his surroundings he might have lived.