Updated: 4/14/2020

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  • Nelson madela announcing his retirement
  • It's time for me to retire, Dont call me, ill call you
  • Organizations
  • Nelson Mandela Foundation Works to - helps inequality within the country- Human rights - The life of citizens and more
  • Nelson mandela at his 90th birday party
  • Its time for new hands to lift the burdens , it is in your hands now.
  • In 1997 Nelson mandela had stepped down from being the president of south africa. His role was passed down to his succesor Thabo Mbeki. In 2004 to announce his retirement from the public, he jokingly said "Dont call me, Ill call you". Which is still a famous line from him.
  • Health
  • Even after stepping down from his position as president, He still strived for peace and social justice in his country. One of those ways was creating organizations such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation which adresses global problems and helps human suffering
  • Death
  • In 2008, Nelson madela had a birthday party, with many celebritys such as will smith and more. This was not only to celebrate his birthday but to let go off his political life quoting "It is time for new hands to lift the burdens, it is in your hands now"
  • Legacy
  • In january of 2011, Nelson mandela had been admitted to hospital for a respritory infection and had suffered from the infection for over two years
  • Nelson madela had died on the 5th of december 2013, due to these complications in his health.
  • Even with his passing, nelson mandela had left many thing behind in his legacy to continue on his work in human rights and justice. He was mourned by the citizens of the country.