Gunta Returns* (Backstory) pt. 1
Updated: 3/20/2020
Gunta Returns* (Backstory) pt. 1

Storyboard Text

  • Why do I always get fired from my job 7 Eleven
  • I'm going home to take nap and try to get my job back another time
  • Why is there a goat here?
  • oh look a fellow human
  • Hmmm I'm going to take you home and give you some food
  • Well I am pretty hungry it won't hurt to get some actual good food
  • No I'm all wet
  • ughhh I hate walking from work to home like this everyday
  • I never saw a goat eat that much food
  • Since nobody claims you I'm just going to keep you and call you Gunta
  • duhhh I been stranded for awhile now and what kind of name is Gunta
  • Well Goodnight, Gunta we are going to be looking for a car so we won't have to walk from home to work anymore
  • *Snores