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Updated: 9/26/2020
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  • Call to Adventure
  • Don´t worry Hrothgar! Coming to save the day!
  • Assistance
  • My king, do I have your permission to fight the monster on your grounds?
  • Test, Allies, Enemies
  • ¨In his far off home Beowulf, Higlac´s Follower and the strongest of the Geats--greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in his world.¨ (Lines 109-11)¨So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find, the bravest and best of the Geats, fourteen in all, and led them down to their boat..¨ (Lines 120-122)
  • Approach
  • I am going to find you... no one can hide from me.
  • .
  • Ordeal
  • ¨Higlac is my cousin and my king; the days of my youth have been filled with glory. Now Grendel´s name has echoed in our land: sailors have brought us stories of Herot.¨(Lines 235-238) ¨My people have said, the wisest, most knowing and best of them, that my duty was to go to the Danes´ Great King. They have see my strength for themselves.¨(Lines 242-245)
  • ¨Grendel´s one thought was to run from Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there.¨(Line 328-329)¨Screams of the Almighty´s enemy sang in the darkness, the horrible shrieks of pain and defeat, the tears torn out of Grendel´s taut throat, hell´s captive caught in the arms of him who all men on earth was the strongest.¨(Line 358-363)
  • Treasure/ Reward
  • ¨¨Monsters living in those desert lands. And they´ve said to my wise men that, as well as they could see, one of the devils was a female creature.¨(Lines 412-414)¨Seek it if you dare! Save us, once more, and again twisted gold, headed-up ancient treasures will reward you for the battle you win.¨(Lines 443-446)
  • ¨She fell, Grendel´s fierce mother, and the Geats´ proud prince was ready to leap on her. But she rose at once and repaid him with her clutching claws, widly tearing at him.¨(Lines 510- 513)¨But he was stretched on by his back, and her stabbing blade was blunted by the woven mail shirt he wore on his chest.¨(Lines 518-520)
  • ¨Her body fell to the floor, lifeless, the sword was wet with her blood, and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight.¨(Line 538-540)¨The monsters´ hall was full of rich treasures, but all that Beowulf took was Grendel´s head and the hilt of the giants jewled sword.¨(Line 583-586)
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