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Mythical Action Figure
Updated: 10/11/2020
Mythical Action Figure
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Storyboard Description

For 7th grade history. An example

Storyboard Text

  • Poseidon the Action Figure!
  • Vehicle- Collect Sharky the Shark, Poseidon uses him ride the seas!
  • When you punch his button he can ride waves as he is god of the sea!He can make Earthquakes when you take his crown to show his anger!!You can change his legs into a tail so he may rule the seas!
  • He comes with a crown! AWESOME!! His crown allows him to rule the seas!!He comes a trident, as his weapon for action! He got it from another god ass a gift! WOW!He comes with a necklace made of horse hair! He has the hair of horses since he is the god of horses!!
  • He comes with a bubble as his vehicle! He can ride because he is god of the sea !YOU CAN ALSO COLLECTPoseidon's Pet Fish!! Aqua!(Sold Separately!)Vehicle- bubbleCollectible- Pet fish
  • Accessory!Can collect Aqua, Poseidon's pet!
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