i am malala
Updated: 3/11/2020
i am malala

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  • I am Malala Yousafazai. I have 2 younger brothers a mom and a dad. I live in Swat valley Pakistan, where the Taliban has sadly taken over
  • Which one of you is MALALA!!!?
  • I absolutely love reading and going to school. When I graduate I want to become doctor but my father believes I can become something bigger. A politician so i can change a society which i am ready to do. But i am mad i wont be able to go to school freely.
  • I am an activist and work at Malala's all girls school but we will soon have to stop because the Taliban has been girls from going to school. I don't believe this is right she shouldn't be confined to these restrictions. she is too brilliant all the girls are.
  • Despite the Talibans actions of killing people, bombing schools, and shaming women for going outside without men, she still went out with her mom to do errands. She was able to express how she hated the restrictions that was placed on her by the Taliban. She protested and did public speeches which made the Taliban feel threatened.
  • The Taliban shot her in the head hitting 2 other girls on their way to school. The Taliban though she was a threat to the society they wanted to have. She was transferred to a hospital in England with her family where they preformed brain surgery on her.