Dsgn 160
Updated: 2/14/2020
Dsgn 160

Storyboard Text

  • Eric lives close to the UCSD campus and he wants to start riding a bike there instead of walking because it's more time effective.
  • Eric already owns a bike, but he keeps putting off riding it to school because he feels that biking back at night would be unsafe: he worries that car drivers won't notice him, and that the bike lanes are barely lit and therefore hard to see at night.
  • wow this feels much safer
  • After hearing about it from a friend, Eric purchases a wearable light-up vest meant to improve the nighttime visibility and safety of cyclists; it also includes a light in the front portion to light up the path, and a "blinker" function to signal turns.
  • Eric now happily bikes back from school every evening feeling much safer, since the product not only makes him more visible to other people on the road but also make the path ahead easier to see.