Scariest Night Ever
Updated: 4/19/2020
Scariest Night Ever
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  • Scariest? When my dad left and didn't come back, actually nah. Oh I know!
  • Hey babe, what's the scariest thing that happened during your childhood?
  • We had heard rumors that the camp was had this counselor dude that went missing, they said that he had drowned, and no one helped. They said he haunted the campsite.
  • Me, my brother, AJ, and my cousin, Darnell, went to this two week long summer camp. For us, it only lasted one night.
  • But, we didn't care. Now there were about 76 kids in total at the camp, each split into even numbers. Each cabin could hold 8 kids. Boys and girls weren't aloud in the same cabins, but we could still make our own groups. We got with most of our friends and then some other kids. Our counselor was a cool guy, he even brought his 4 year old son for some reason.
  • I remember that night the counselor told us that the story was in fact true, but there was "nothing to worry about."
  • That night Darnell and his friend/bunkmate, Sage, wanted to go investigate. Now the top rule was that we weren't aloud to leave our cabins without counselor permission. Unless it was an emergency.
  • I was iffy at first, not knowing if I should go. The main rule was if we left the campsite, we'd go home immediately. I really didn't want to risk leaving camp, I had been planning on this for the whole year!
  • But I didn't want to be a "chicken" and not go. AJ and I agreed to go. It started raining, so our steps were a little more quiet since the rain was pretty loud. After searching around the campsite, we left the campsite. For about and hour we shivered and shook. We eventually got lost and couldn't find our way back. I started feeling sick to my stomach. Turns out I got a pneumonia by walking around the place. But all of a sudden, a weird voice came outta the blue and we were being chased! We started screaming, although I couldn't because I was sick.
  • We were sure that we were being chased by the counselor that had died drowning. We still have no idea who chased us, but they led us back to the camp. We were caught, probably because we were screaming our heads off and being obnoxious loud. That next morning we had to pack and go home. They gave us snacks and lunch to eat on the drive home since it was a 2 hour drive back to town. Then our parents would have to drive over and pick us up at the police station, where we met in the first place. I wouldn't even talk or look at Darnell, I was SO MAD!
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