generation of dinosaurs

Updated: 7/28/2020
generation of dinosaurs

Storyboard Text

  • one day rose and Angela were walking through the jungle there was the city of expectations miles away from the jungle
  • as they both went through the jungle Rose saw a dinosaurs at the back of the tree and she shouted.
  • ANGELA came running towards her. they both were terrified. the dinosaur bend down his head and picked up the girls on its back
  • look a dinosaur.
  • what?
  • the dinosaur took them to the city of expectations
  • now i understand why he got us here
  • what is it?
  • the girls saw that there was garbage and dirt every where around. they heard a man saying***so angela understood and said... rose said....angela replied.
  • @$#*>?
  • we humans are disrespectful and harmful to our mother land.we shall learn from animals.