Class & Caste
Updated: 2/13/2020
Class & Caste

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  • Class Differences
  • Faiqa Ali, Rachel Mendoza, Skylar Walter, Tamira Morisset
  • Women had very few rights regardless of their class and men in upper and middle class were seen as higher in society. Women in a low class had to try to marry into money in order to save them and/or their family as did women in upper and middle classes as well. Participating in balls, showing great social skills and multiple talents helped raise their status in society.
  • Whatever class you were in determined what you would have to do to survive.
  • What did I do?
  • When Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth, he thought she was going to say yes because he knew it would save her family and he didn't think she would get another proposal.
  • No.