The Gift of Fire
Updated: 5/20/2016
The Gift of Fire
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Zeus and Prometheus

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  • They're not fun to mess with! I have a human friend.
  • Some Gods thought of humans as play toys, but some Gods thought they were interesting. Prometheus was one of those Gods who had a human friend.
  • Humans are so fun to mess with
  • Zeus did not like mankind and was very disappointed with them...
  • Give me the fire right now!!
  • So he decided to take away mankind's most important tool-FIRE!
  • OKAY! OKAY! Just take it and don't hurt me!
  • Without fire humans would not last very long. Prometheus was sorry for his friend because fire is used for cooking and heating.
  • I'm truly sorry for what Zeus has done! I feel so bad.
  • I can't cook anything and I'm very cold!!
  • I finally found the Lightning BOLT and now it is time to give it to the humans
  • To fix the problem Prometheus stole the Bolt from Zeus' layer and gave it to the humans!! When Zeus found out he was furious.
  • Zeus ordered that Prometheus is chained to a rock as punishment for stealing the BOLT.
  • You're Welcome!
  • Hercules freed Prometheus from the rock after thousands of years.
  • Thank you for freeing me!
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