patrick henry

Updated: 9/14/2020
patrick henry

Storyboard Text

  • this is how i feel and i think you should listen
  • what is going on i need the truth
  • do you not trust in me to make things better
  • patrick henry feels the need to talk about the awful moment that happened to his country. henry also wants to talk about freedom or slavery nobody is going to choose slavery which is why he makes the choice obvious furthermore he thinks his "opinions will give offense" and he will also feel guilty of treason.
  • we have been arguing forever
  • patrick henry talking to the president about "men having illusions of hope" men imagine and hope for a better world the people through seeing do not see and through hearing they do not hear or understand he wants to know the truth even when it is hard to know but he wants to do something about it
  • there is no hope left
  • judging by the past he wants to make the future better.the insidious smile gave bad intentions about the petition in there he says "Trust it not" . the fleets and armies are not going to make things better just worse
  • they have been arguing for ten years nothing has changed "we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on"they have tried every option besides war
  • there petitions and request have been denied many times there nothing left "there is no longer any room for hope" they have tried everything now its time for war