Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Carrie gets made fun of in the locker room for getting her period.
  • Girls stop it RIGHT NOW!!
  • Oh my god Carrie
  • Someone get her a tampon
  • 9. Carrie uses her powers to kill her mother
  • My father forgive me for I have sinned
  • Goodbye mother
  • In this scene Carrie gets her first period and does not know what to do. The other girls in the locker room notice this and they start throwing pads and tampons at her. I will be using low key lighting as my technique.
  • Carrie walks into her home with the intent to kill her mother, little does Carrie know that her mother wants to kill her. Margret has a knife but at the end of the day Carrie's powers were stronger. Carrie slows her heart down until it stops beating. I will be using side/bottom lighting as my technique.