The snobbiest girl

Updated: 6/15/2021
The snobbiest girl

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse me .. me and you hahaha, NEVER!
  • Did you want to be my....GIRLFRIEND ?
  • Thanks for buy my autograph !!
  • Your Welcome !! I lovee you
  • And so the skull was asked to many of his friends, if they could lend him their limbs ...
  • Hey friend :) How are you ?Yes, no problem..
  • Good :) I came here to ask you a question ....Do you want to give me your legs ..? To conquer the girl of my dreams !!
  • Hello beutiful baby :)Do you want to go to the dance with me?
  • Nobody tell me like that !!WOW, you are so coolYes !!! :)
  • Hey friend....I need back my legs pleas....
  • And then one by one, her friends start asking her to give them back the limbs ... and Rica didn't notice anything ..
  • Yes friend......
  • Rica, please listen to me .... I know you will think that this is very strange, but still I am still the same :) I am your boy.
  • That is the END !!
  • Whaaat !! You are a skullI do want to be your girlfriend :) I still love you, even with your differences.