New Deal & Comic Books:
Updated: 3/12/2020
New Deal & Comic Books:

Storyboard Text

  • What in the world is that!!
  • munch...
  • yum..
  • No one can stop me Now!!
  • One day in Georgia,everybody was minding their own business and was happy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR),one of the town's bravest superheroes was living a good life without any crime in the town.But later did he know...
  • Oh,no!
  • We gota to do something!
  • All of the evil weevils in the town were busy committing their villainous crime of feeding on and killing cotton plants.They do this evil action so that Georgia loses its money and they can feed on all of the cotton in all of Georgia!
  • Hope this helps!
  • Also,Dr.Drought was busy using his evil powers to stop rain from falling in Georgia and preventing all the plant life to grow.He did this knowing that Georgia relies on agriculture,so they would lose their money,making them weak so that he could eventually take over Georgia!
  • But how!!!
  • Since Dr.Drought and the weevils were destroying all of Georgia's crops,all of the farmers started to become poor because they relied on the crops to make money.Also,all of Georgia's economy relies on crops,so its money went down too.So,Georgia started suffering from a depression,exactly like Dr.Drought and the Weevils wanted.
  • FDR,one of the towns bravest hero's sensed that people were suffering,so he came to the rescue.He uses his powers to zap all of the poor farmers with the New Deal to help them.This New Deal provided aid to all of the poor farmers.
  • Once FDR man helped the farmers,the evil Money man attacked Georgia's stocks and banks.He made the stock market crash,he caused many banks to fail and lose customers life savings.Because of this,he made Georgia's economy become much weaker and lose a lot of money.