the giver
Updated: 5/8/2020
the giver

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  • The Giver, chapter 3
  • birthmother´s life is great, they play with children and eat delicious food
  • Birthmothers have three children and then they became labourers!
  • I remember when I was told not to bring objects to my house...
  • Jonas: I remember...
  • Jonas´s father brings Gabe to their settelment, Lily notices that both her brother and Gabe have got lighter eyes and she says it to Jonas. He teases at her because it is not good to show the differences
  • Lily and her mother talk about the assignments and she says she would like to be a birthmother, her mother disagrees and she tells her how it is a life of a birthmother.
  • Jonas remembers when the speaker said that male elevens shouldn't remove objects from the recreation area and that snakcs had to be eaten, not hoared.
  • Jonas and Asher were playing with an apple at the recreation center, when suddenly, Jonas saw how the apple changed for a moment...
  • Jonas took the apple to his house to have a look at it, but it was the same like it used to be, but now it is bruised.