Inciting Chapter
Updated: 7/14/2020
Inciting Chapter
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  • So you've really got to leave town for this new job eh Jo?
  • Inventory
  • Xspace Gets A Relaunch!
  • As replacement surrogate pilot, I had been briefed as to my role. The mission was automated. The odds of never returning were high but the ground crew would work 24/7 to protect their investment...
  • - Vaping - Energy Drinks
  • Its more of a volunteer position Eddie, but yes I'll be gone a while
  • We couldn't cancel. $30b and one launch window. I didn't think anyone would come forward...
  • Into the void!
  • The ion drive should only start at 5% and thats not for another 6 months...
  • We're slowing your Mars approach to relay some surface data...
  • I don't think that's working. Should the ion drive be moving?
  • Inventory
  • You don't have much time! We need you to attempt an override. The CMOS is corrupted and we can't upload new instructions. You'll have to patch it!
  • The rate is slowing but its still creeping up!
  • So there I was, further from Earth than any living thing had ever been, by a long way. The finality of my decision began to plague me. My so called home hadn't added up to much, but was being the first chimp to leave Earth orbit going to bring me any meaning or satisfaction out here?
  • Roger that, Jo. The premature acceleration means we've missed Mars. Ion drive has booted. We'll work from this end to try to stop it so you don't miss the Pluto objective...
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