Scene 1 The text message
Updated: 6/13/2020
Scene 1 The text message

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  • Hi it s me Chloe! I will be the narrator of this story! So what are you waiting for? Let the story begin!
  • It was about 10 am on a Monday morning. Athanasia woke up and began her mundane routine from scrolling on Instagram, to eating fried chicken in bed- imagine the numerous amount of food crumbs!
  • That's Athanasia's house. Let's go check what going on in there!
  • Now what? Messages? In the morning? How unlucky! Wait a second… messages in the morning? Who could it be?
  • This is Athanasia! Ewww look at the mess! Can you spot the two fried chicken?
  • Morning, morning! , why it it that there's always a morning! Ughhhhh!
  • DING ! DING ! DING !
  • to go to Chi'lantro BBQ for a hangout?
  • For your information, I'm just texting you if you'd like if you would like
  • Instagram DMs @stranger010245
  • hello pretty girl!
  • Hi how may I help you? You seem such a bother to reply to in the morning!
  • OMG!!!!
  • I'd better go reply to him ! This is amazing!
  • 1Athanasia stopped pensive and rushed over to her phone to reply to the stranger as soon as possible, however, what she didn’t know was that the stranger wasn’t a genius in reading her mind but stalking her very own account- looks like the stranger really knows more than she knows herself, HAH!
  • T-this stranger knows me as well as I know myself! Chi'lantro BBQ stall is one of my favourite foods in the world! O-oh this must be love, I’d better go reply to him now
  • OMGGGG! How could this be???
  • Great! @Athanasia_109
  • Sure. See you there at 3 pm!
  • Instagram DMs @stranger010245
  • Oh hi stranger! I would love to go and join you there at Chi'lantro BBQ stall.
  • YAY!
  • The Next Day...
  • Now, it was time for Athanasia to leave at 3 pm the very next day. You might be wondering, what time did she even wake up right? Well… don’t be surprised she woke up at 2 pm knowing that the only event on that day was to meet the stranger- such laziness!
  • Gosh! What time is it? (Checks the phone) Oh, 1pm only? Meh...I still have about 2 hours left to sleep.
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