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Rebecca's Worst Fear
Updated: 9/25/2019
Rebecca's Worst Fear
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  • Perfect! I bet no one will even recognise me now.
  • Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Rebecca. She was a beautiful young girl who had everything anyone could ever desire. One day, Rebecca woke up to find that she had a giant, red, bloody balloon the size of Jupiter on her right cheek.
  • My friends all think I'm a freak because of the huge pimple on my face. I'm never going to recover from this!
  • Guess who added me on Snapchat!
  • I don't know but I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
  • Who is that girl with the hat on? Is she new?
  • Rebecca was mortified. The tears flooded her face like an overflowing fountain. She had never had to deal with physical flaws before and especially not PIMPLES! She tried everything to cover it up but nothing seemed to work.
  • SWOOoosh
  • Bec! Let's walk to class together.
  • Hey, Rebecca's here!
  • At last, Rebecca decided to cover the giant bump with a beanie. Although it was going to be a hot day, she knew that she would rather get a little warm than face the horror of everyone knowing that she had a pimple on her cheek.
  • Rebecca felt like every single person at school was gazing at the huge, red pimple. Rebecca felt like an animal in a circus show and she didn't know what to do to escape their stares. She was also beginning to get a little warm underneath the beanie. As the sweat crept down her forehead, Rebecca wanted so badly to take the beanie off but she was terrified of what people would say.
  • Finally, in one swift movement, Rebecca slid the beanie off her head. Her legs danced in fear and heart heart was beating audibly out of her chest. It felt like there was hurricane in her stomach, knowing that at any moment someone was going to notice the gigantic bump on her cheek. To her surprise, no one mentioned it.
  • Once she realised that nobody really cared about her silly giant pimple, Rebecca was finally enjoying her day. Her legs stopped trembling and her normal heart beat was restored. That was the day that Rebecca faced her worst fear.
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