Albert Adventures
Updated: 3/11/2020
Albert Adventures

Storyboard Text

  • It all started that one glorious day in the past, when i albert einstein decided that time travel was possible. I started to work immediately preparing my abominable machine of the future. Setting my machine to 2050 i lunged into the machine on my rubber ducky.
  • I had arrived! as it seemed to be a motor car sale but These in particular motor cars where one of a kind they even had roofs! There were odd people with flat devices in their hands speaking an odd language. so without any further interest i brought one of these odd looking motor cars.
  • Soon i was on a route to malibu some strange place, that my motor car wanted to take me too. About 30 minutes later i went flying through someone's house that looked like a coloured box. Thank goodness i was saved by my ducky from this horrid shallow sea.
  • Soon a man wearing only pants (very rude) came scrambling out of the painted box yelling abusive words at me which seemed to be in another language. I immediately knew that i wouldn't be back in my coffin anytime soon.
  • Within an hour i found myself in a courtroom being blamed for intruding on private property. This broke my heart i had no intentions on hurting people's property. But i knew in my heart i wouldnt see my beloved coffin again but instead a shiny new glass thing with no cushion.