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American Revolution
Updated: 11/20/2017
American Revolution
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  • The Sugar Act: People stole and bootlegged Molasses, because extra taxes were placed on it.
  • You got the stuff?
  • You know I do. But you gotta pay...
  • We can't use this paper anymore! We wont put up with this!!!
  • The Stamp Act: People had to write letters on British Stamped paper.
  • The Quarter Act: British soldiers knocked on peoples doors and were allowed to go in the house, and stay for how ever long they wanted
  • Open up! I'm staying here for 3 months! Its the law!
  • The Boston Tea Party: This was no party, Colonists threw $600,000 worth of tea off of a British boat.
  • Dump the tea my sons and daughters!!!
  • The Boston Massacre: Colonists threw snowballs and rocks at the British, so they fired back, killing 3 and wounding 8.
  • Fire!
  • The Shot Heard Around the World: Somebody shot their gun, and nobody knows who it was. This shot started the Revolutionary War.
  • This means war!!!
  • Who shot that?
  • *BANG*
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