Bumpin Beetle Bout

Updated: 5/14/2020
Bumpin Beetle Bout

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  • At the facility check the weather and phenocam, another beautiful sunny day in the desert!
  • Arriving at the SW corner, use the compass to navigate N to the W trap. Then we process by dumping our sample into the filter, rinse with water, then ethanol. Put the sample plus filter into the whirlpack and cover in ethanol (see whirlpack below) and refill cup with PG. Repeat for other 2 traps.
  • Checking out at the facility, good thing we don't write the whole list of supplies: labeled whirlpacks with barcode and locality labels (30)ziplock bags for whirlpacks, 1 per plot (10)extra whirlpacks and barcodes (15), ethanol safe markertupperware for transportFilters and extras (>60 is safe)Extra stakes, lids, deli cups and washersFilter apparatus and funnelTweezers, trowel, malletetOH, H20, PG, waste container (gallon jugs, liter bottles, squirt bottles and plastic bag to keep in to avoid leaks)Cooler with ice packsGPS, Map, driving directions, compassTablet (SYNCHED!) and paper data sheetsGloves and snake gaiters
  • Make sure all lights, mirrors and wipers are working, no fluid under the vehicle, no interior/exterior damage, WIPE DOWN ALL SURFACES!! Discuss safety hazards on road and at site (heat, snakes, black widows)
  • Bumpin Beetle Bout
  • Before leaving the truck we load up our packs with:extra supplies- deli cups, lids, stakes, spacersmallet, trowelwaste containeretOH, H20, PG and large ziplock bagfunnel, filter apparatus, tweezers, and filterslabeled whirlpacks with locality labels and blank extrasTupperware for transportGPS and compassTablet and paper datasheetsBearspray for plots 3 & 7
  • NEON
  • MOAB_004W
  • 21
  • Don't forget to wear your gloves and gaiters! Always crouch, never sit. Drink plenty of water, stand up slowly and just pretend it's not hot! QA before leaving the plot
  • MOAB_004.W.20200512
  • Type II Barcode
  • Back at the truck, we transfer samples from the Tupperware into the cooler, restock our liquids/empty the waste container, and replace any extras that were used. After the last plot, give a victory screech and QA all records before leaving site. Back at the field site, unload liquids to flammable cabinet and samples into freezer. Insert ice cream/reward of choice into face.
  • NEON