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perseus summarization
Updated: 10/20/2019
perseus summarization
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  • Exposition
  • start of conflict
  • conflict
  • After King Acrisius was uncertain in the battle, he sat in the throne room feeling malencholy.
  • rising action
  • After king Acrisius sent the oracle at Delphi, the messenger returned with the prophecy saying “your daughter will bear a son who will one day kill you”
  • rising action
  • After the messenger told King Acrisius the prophecy, Acrisius got mad and beheaded him. After that he went back to the throne room and continued brooding.
  • rising action
  • After brooding in his throne room, he decided to put Danae in a tower to keep her away from Gods so she won’t bear a child that will kill him.
  • king Acrisius stayed away from the tower and waited for someone to inform him that his daughter had ided, but no one came. One night he saw that the tower was lit up from the inside. so he quickly gathered his soldiers, hopped on his horse and rode towards the tower. Before he could enter his daughters cell, he heard a baby crying. he stepped through, he saw his daughter looking up at him smiling, hlding a baby.
  • After seeing them both, king Acrisius's first thought was to kill them both. He changed his mind thinking that Apollo was the father and having his protection over them, he ordered for them to be taken out of the prison and be sent in a wooden boat with out any sails and with out any oras,
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