Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Once a upon a time there's a country named Philippines that is known for having beautiful beaches to visit. Unfortunately there are also many people that just who doesn't have care even though the ocean is getting polluted.
  • Until one day a mermaid decided to to take a peek what's happening because the fishes are starting to die. The mythical creature gets disappointed to a human seating near the sea and doesn't even bother to pick up the trashes everywhere.
  • The mermaid decided to appear infront of the two human and decided to talk to them about what's happening.
  • Is this real?
  • Hello? May I talk to the both of you?
  • A mermaid!
  • I think you are just fake! Maybe you're just wearing a costume to scare us!
  • I'm Oceana! The goddess of ocean. What's happening?why are you letting the ocean to get polluted?
  • Are you going to punish us? What can we do make things right?
  • Don't believe her! She's just faking it! There will be no goddess! Can you please just go away?
  • I'm disappointed! The marine life are dying because of what humans are doing. We sustain all of you a food and you just let the ocean to be harmed in your own trash.
  • But! I think she's real, look at her! she's serious about it!
  • What is happening? Hey! what are you doing?!
  • The mermaid command her powers to eliminate all the things around the ocean and the shoreline that affects the ocean especially the marine life.
  • I'm Oceana! The goddess of ocean, I command that every things here in the ocean that affect them will be vanished!
  • She has a power! Amazing!