Row Row Your Boat
Updated: 3/11/2020
Row Row Your Boat

Storyboard Text

  • Row, Row, Row your boat, Gently down the stream
  • Row row row your boat, gently down the stream,
  • Merrily,Merrily,Merrily,merrily, Life is but a dream
  • Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.
  • Close-up
  • Medium shotWide anglePans right
  • Row, Row Row your boat, Gently to the shore
  • Row row row your boat, gently to the shore
  • Over the shoulderLow angleDolly
  • If you see a lion, Don't forget to roar
  • If you see a lion, don't forget to roar.
  • Roar
  • Zoom in to an extreme close-up
  • Running away from lion
  • Wide angleLong shotPans right
  • Wide angleTwo shotZooms in to character
  • Two shotClose upDolly