chemical and physical properties
Updated: 5/19/2020
chemical and physical properties
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  • I am soo excited for today's class
  • Is he really?... i think It is going to be really boring
  • WOW this is so exciting!
  • Hi guys, today we are going to learn about extensive and intensive properties!
  • I invited 2 friends so that you can have fun and understand everything
  • I really want to know who is coming!!
  • Hello! they are so happy for having you here today. please introduce yourselves
  • Hello guys, I am max and he is my brother. He can be very boring but he is really clever.
  • Does someone know what an extensive property is?
  • Extensive properties change when the size of a sample changes
  • Do intensive properties change when the size/volume of the sample changes?
  • NO
  • does someone have any question?
  • Can you gives us examples of intensive and extensive properties?
  • boiling point or color are some examples of intensive properties
  • And mass or volume are examples of extensive properties.
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