Making Forces Funny- Micah Jones - Period 4 Science Pellek
Updated: 2/2/2020
Making Forces Funny- Micah Jones - Period 4 Science Pellek
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  • Why do springs always come back together when you stretch them?
  • Dude, it's because of elastic force! Has your teacher not stretched your knowledge enough?
  • I guess not...But I bet my teacher attracted more knowledge to my brain about magnets!
  • Yeah, you got me there. I never knew much about magnets.
  • Look! This magnet is picking up a coin and a piece of metal!
  • Cool! I got to learn a few things about attracting from magnets!
  • Yes, springs come back together because of elastic force! When an object has elasticity as one of it's properties, it means that it can return to it's original form after being compressed or stretched. Not only does this work with springs, but with other objects like bungee cords, trampolines, and some pants!
  • Magnets are objects that create magnetic fields, and attract other objects like metals! The force that a magnet uses, called magnetism, is a basic force in nature, and pulls in certain objects that are attracted to it! Some of these metals stick to the magnet because they are full of tinier magnets inside, which align with the field of the larger magnet!
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