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Gemara sheet 25
Updated: 3/19/2020
Gemara sheet 25
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  • I really need to get a new dog bowl for my dog and there is only 2 left. But it is Chol Hamoed ... this item is a דבר האבד since if I don't get it now I will lose my chance to buy it. Because of this I am going to buy it even though it is Chol Hamoed.
  • I really need grape juice for Yom tov since I don't have any left. Buying grape juice over Chol Hamoed is considered a צרכי מועד since I need it for my meal.
  • Writing on Chol Hamoed is considered a מעשה הדיוט, a simple action of work that does not take any prior training which is why I am allowed to write a poem for fun on Chol Hamoed
  • I would love to be home over Chol Hamoed but if I don't do my work I will not have money to buy food. This is known as a פועל שאין לו מה אכל and because of this circumstance I am allowed to work over Chol Hamoed.
  • This open pot whole needs to be fixed since many people need to drive on the road. This is considered a צרכי רבים(a public need) and even though it is Chol Hamoed we are allowed to fix this pot whole since it is a public issue.
  • By Micah Pickett
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