Number the Stars Storyboard for Chapter 15
Updated: 3/30/2021
Number the Stars Storyboard for Chapter 15

Storyboard Text

  • Street
  • What is that noise? Is it a monster!?
  • This way to the Docks.----------->>
  • I am almost there. Just a few more minutes.
  • It is my uncle's lunch .
  • Bark Bark!
  • What is in that basket?
  • Thank you, Annemarie.
  • Here Uncle.
  • Where are the Rosens and others?
  • In this scene, Annemarie is running to Uncle Hendrik's boat to drop something off. She needs to give him the package that Mr. Rosen dropped when he tripped on a root of a tree. Mrs. Johansen was going to give it to Uncle Hendrik, but she broke her leg. But then, she hears a shaking sound from the bushes. She then wounders what it is and immediately gets scared.
  • In this scene, Annemarie was caught by three Nazi soldiers and two of their dogs. One soldier asks, "What is in that basket?" Annemarie replies, "It is my uncle's lunch." Also, the dogs smelled meat in the bag, so the soldiers were suspicious about to basket.
  • In this scene, Annemarie is giving Uncle Hendrik the basket. He sees that the package is ripped but he is relieved that is it fine and still there. A few moments later, Annmarie wonders, "Where are the Rosens and the others?" Uncle Hendrik knows what she is thinking about and says that the Rosens and others are fine.