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Updated: 10/3/2019
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  • "Use that excuse, if you like, but I indeed will go and heap a tomb form my dearest brother" (81-82)
  • "I do not dishonor them, but to do this against the state-- I have no strength for it" (79-80)
  • "Ill bury my brother--youre brother, too, though you refuse! Ill not be found a traitor." (47-48)
  • "Madwoman, even when creon forbids it?" (49)
  • "I saw her burying the very corpse you forbade. Am I speaking clearly enough? (412-413)
  • "And how was she seen and caught in the act?" (414)
  • During this scene, Ismene is telling antigone she doesn't want to be apart of her plan to bury polynices properly. This relates to the motif citizenship v. family because Ismene wants to follow the law and Antigone wants to do what is right for her family.
  • "And yet you dared to overstep these laws?"(458)
  • This is Antigone arguing with Ismene about whether to bury her brother and honor their family or to follow the law Creon has set in place. This shows citizenship v. family for Antigone.
  • "And Yet could my fame be more gloriously established than by placing by brother in a tomb?" (517-518)
  • This seen is between Creon and the Guard, the guard is telling Creon about Antigone breaking the law and burying her brother. This follows the motif because Antigone chose her family over the law.
  • Whoever thinks that he's the only one who can think or use his tongue or soul, no one else-- these men, when you open them up, are seen to be hollow" (718-720)
  • "No evil is worse than disobedience" (684)
  • This scene shows when Antigone was brought to Creon after caught burying her brother and Creon is mad and will punish her for choosing her family over her citizenship.
  • "I did. Why would I not know? It was clear." (457)
  • This scene is Antigone telling Creon that the people respect Antigone for doing whats right for her family and that she believes she did the right thing by going against his law.
  • In this scene Haemon is telling Creon he is foolish to kill Antigone for honoring her brother. He is basically calling Creon hollow. This scene shows that Creon is not honoring his family but fighting for Antigone's citizenship.
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