Pancake Day
Updated: 5/9/2020
Pancake Day
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  • 1. Good morning, kids! It's a special day today!
  • 3. Are we really having pancakes for breakfast, mum?
  • 2. I know! It's pancake day!
  • 6. Some flour and a little salt!
  • 5. And honey for serving! And chocolate! Loads of chocolate!
  • 4. We need eggs and butter and some yoghurt.
  • 9. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes. See? Our pancakes are caramelised
  • 7. First, we stir the yoghurt, the eggs, the butter and the salt together.
  • 8. Then, add flour. The batter is ready, mum! Toss it in the pan!
  • 12. Yea... well... when do we eat? I'll have mine with chocolate
  • 10. Do you know that Pancake Day is always on a Tuesday? A day before the start of Lent for Easter.
  • 11. I know that! Lent is when people can't eat eggs or butter or dairy products or meat
  • 13. There is also a Pancake race at the park.
  • 15. Sounds fun! Let's eat now! Please!
  • 14. People run a race wih a pancake in a pan. As they run, they have to toss the pancake several times!
  • 17. Whaaat?
  • 18. Ha! Ha!
  • 16. We can't run with a full stomach! We'll eat the pancakes later!
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