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Dependent and Independent Clauses
Updated: 10/19/2018
Dependent and Independent Clauses
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  • The pig wants to go to the beach. When the pig gets to the beach, he will be happy. Pigs are usually happy in the forest, but he isn't. He wants to go to the beach.
  • As you can see, the pig is going to go on a journey to the beach. After, he will relax there and contemplate life. The normal things pigs do.
  • As the pig snorts, he thinks of dependent and independent clauses
  • The pig wanted to get to the beach as soon as possible, so he walked at a quick pace. The pig hated walking, but he walked anyway. He needed to get to the beach.
  • As the pig walks to the beach, he contemplates life. The pig has never been to the beach before. When he gets there, he will be joyous.
  • Thoughtful snort
  • After walking for a while, the pig stands in a forest to rest. He can't wait to get to the beach. Whatever comes his way, he is sure to eat it or stop it.
  • The pig started to get hungry after a long time of walking. The pig ate some grass while he walked on the trail.
  • Hungry snort
  • The pig's hooves were getting tired as he walked along the trail. Hopefully the beach is close by, or else he would have to take a rest.
  • Since the beach was far, the pig had to walk for a long time. As he walked, he pondered if the beach would be everything he hoped for. The pig was very excited, and couldn't wait to get there.
  • Pondering snort
  • The pig had reached the end of the forest, and the beginning of the beach. While the pig admired the view, the waves crashed on the bank. He was finally at home.
  • The pig was ecstatic, for he was finally at the beach. He couldn't wait to lay in the sand, yet he missed his family. He walked all the way back and got his family. The nhe walked all the way back to the beach.
  • As he happily snorted, he thought of independent and dependent clauses.
  • How do you think I know this story? Well, I'll tell you. I am the pig. Snort Snort!
  • The pig stayed at the beach for the rest of his life. He loved the beach, and loves relaxing in the sand.
  • Peaceful snort
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