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Out of my mind chpt 8
Updated: 8/23/2020
Out of my mind chpt 8
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  • Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
  • No ollie!
  • It’s dead why did you do that melody?
  • Uuuhhh
  • Melody always was watching ollie swim around his fish bowl until he finaly took a big leap oit and seamed surprized that he couldn't breath. Melody was then worried and tried to help by poiring the water from the fish bowl.
  • It’s not that bad here
  • Melody's mom finally heard her and came to her room to find the fish bowl broken and the fish laying on the table, she thinks melody killed the fish and tries to save it by going into the bathroom and putting water onto it but it was dead.
  • Arf arf arf arf
  • What’s wrong dog?
  • On Mellody's 8th birthday she got a new pet dog and was super exited, when the dog came out pf the box he sniffed around everywhere and peed on the rug wich the mom was not happy about. Mellody decided to call him butterschotch.
  • Your a good, good boy
  • Melody fell off of her wheelchair while she was watching the movie oz because she was not buckled in. Butterscotch quickly got up and ran over to melody to see if she had injured anything and was making sure she was ok.
  • Arf arf
  • Butterscotch ran over to the moms room trying to wake her up from her sleep, he was barking and scratching as hard as he could. The mom woke up and was wondering what was happening then she saw butterscotch and he lead her to melody.
  • When she finally followed him and saw melody laying on the floor she ran to her also checking to see if she was ok and if she had any injuries at all. Then she put her back up in her wheelchair and buckled her in this time and called butterscotch a good good boy.
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