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The Noble Hadria
Updated: 10/15/2020
The Noble Hadria
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The illustrated hero narrative.

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  • Hadria Miller, a 14-year-old girl, had just passed an building on her way to school and she was interested in it, so she went inside. Little did she know, she would be asked to help solve a case about the recent crimes in Hadria, Italy, by a man named Mr. Romano, due to a joke.
  • Um...........
  • The Recent Killings and Kidnappings in Hadria, Italy
  • Since you thought it was a good idea to come, you can help us with this case.
  • Killings
  • After coming home from school, Hadria talks about how she can't take the offer. She tries to talk to her dad, but he is too busy making dinner for their low-income family. Hadria only lives with her father and sister after a tornado killed the rest of her family. Her sister, Penelope, never misses a chance to show her dislike towards her.
  • Oh, you're here. You better cheer up, loser.
  • Don't say that about yourself.
  • I'm never good enough for anything and no one likes me.
  • Hadria begins working on this case due to the offer she accepted from Mr. Romano. Since the men were impressed with her contributions to the conversations, they asked her to start coming back and helping them. Now she must use her intelligence to try to solve this tough and important case.
  • Me too. Tell you what, you come back here every afternoon and we will continue solving this case.
  • I'm impressed.
  • Sounds great to me!
  • Clue 2
  • Clue 1
  • She has finally made a new friend named Siena Moretti. She was assigned to this case to accompany Hadria. Since the two girls are working together now, they are using their intelligence to try to solve these cases. Even though they both have completely different personalities, they will manage.
  • I'm so happy to be working with you. You seem like a lively person.
  • Me too. Now let's begin to work on these clues.
  • After two fails of Hadria trying to solve this case on her own at the office building, she and Siena go to Hadria’s house and solve it there. Siena is always supportive of Hadria and makes her feel wanted in the world. Now, the girls must find a useful and better method to make predictions.
  • We will get through this H. You need to stop worrying so much. We can do this.
  • We are never going to solve this case. This is just too hard. I can't do it.
  • Siena ad Hadria are finally able to find a useful method to catch the culprits ad were able to predict where they will strike next. The city was able to send law enforcement to capture them and release all the people that had been kidnapped. The girls, along with the others, celebrated this tremendous victory.
  • Sounds great to us!
  • You did it!!!!!!!!!
  • You two helped us solve these cases!
  • You are always welcome to stop by whenever you girls would like.
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