Punic Wars for Social Studies
Updated: 3/11/2020
Punic Wars for Social Studies

Storyboard Text

  • The First Punic War
  • We Won!!!! Only after being defeated a couple times
  • The Second Punic War
  • They must not know were coming until we get to the walls
  • The Third Punic War
  • A Naval war with Carthage a very good, experienced naval army, And Rome a very small and unexperienced. Rome was defeated by Carthage mutiple times but Rome would not surrender and eventually defeated Carthage
  • The second Punic War was fought outside the walls of Carthage and Rome defeated Carthage at the battle of Zama. Even thought Hannibal was forced to go protect Carthage they were still defeated.
  • Carthage was captured and sold into slavery but Rome was worried of them returning so they burned Carthage and placed salt so that nothing would ever grow again.