struggle for suffrage pt. 4

Updated: 5/12/2020
struggle for suffrage pt. 4

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  • So I've heard about a woman named Alice Paul. Who was she?
  • So did the women ever get their voting rights??
  • Yes Layla, thankfully, they did.
  • Alice Paul was another women's rights activist. She was a strategist of the campaign for the 19th amendment for the Constitution. She also helped write the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923.
  • Alice Paul was put in jail for 6 months after protesting and picketing in front of the White House. She was dedicated and strong and was willing to risk her life so that they could have freedom and rights.
  • So those boys at school were wrong! I am just as good as any man out there!
  • That's right honey. Goodnight!
  • In June of 1919, the amendment was passed in the House and the Senate, and it went out to the states to get ratified. It was approved. On August 18, 1920, the amendment was passed. Women had the right to vote.