Global warming

Updated: 6/29/2020
Global warming

Storyboard Text

  • Scientists find out about global warming
  • Let's investigate.
  • Have you heard the planet is heating up? What are we gonna do? Oh no we will die!
  • The scientists figure out what can stop it.
  • Global Warming is caused by gases in the air combining and absorbing the sun's radiation.
  • So if we stop gases such as carbon dioxide going in the air we can stop global warming.
  • They speak to the manager of the forest.
  • Hello are you in charge of cutting down the trees?
  • When the trees get cut down they cannot take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If we cut the trees down the gases will meet and heat up our planet.
  • Why ?
  • Jill the scientist discovered global warming she is now in a panick.
  • The iceburgs are melting.
  • Wow the ice burgs are melting. What are we gonna do about polar bears and penguins?
  • They meet again after they agreed to find what caused global warming.
  • They meet at the lab.
  • I got people to stop cutting down trees.
  • Jill goes to tell Jamie to stop cutting down the trees.
  • They speak to the world.
  • We can make a difference.
  • The scientist saves the penguin.
  • Come on little buddy come to me.
  • He takes the penguin to the lab where he meets Jill.
  • I am saving the animals habitats so they can live peaceful lives.
  • Jill tells the world to stop letting gases in the air by burning coal and trees.