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Guinea worm disease
Updated: 6/25/2020
Guinea worm disease
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  • Mom, I don't feel so well.
  • I think I have a fever and my leg is swollen and aching.
  • Oh no. What are your symptoms, do we need to visit the doctor?
  • Alright lets go to the doctor.
  • Doctor my son is not feeling well.
  • Well it sounds like you have Dracunculiasis, or guinea worm disease. For now I can give you medicine to ease the pain but soon a worm is going to emerge. Whatever you do, do not go and bathe until it is out. Also bring a bucket of water to your house not to drink just to put your foot in.
  • yeah that's right.
  • Let me check my chart for you. So your leg is swollen and you have a blister?
  • Wait, how did he get a worm in him?
  • Well basically sometime last year he drank water infected with water fleas and the fleas got into your son and started growing. Then the fleas mate and the female fleas continue to grow through your body and now it is getting ready to leave your body. You probably got infected about a year ago.
  • 10 Months earleir
  • What is with all the flies?
  • The day the worm will emerge.
  • Mom my foot hurts even more and I think my blister is popping
  • Ok, I'll be right there and we will do what the doctor said to do.
  • Ow, it really hurts.
  • I know just leave your foot in the bucket and soon I will pull the worm out.
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